Our Legacy

 What makes us think we are so untouchable? For such fragile mortals, we seem to walk the earth as the most irreverent form of immortals. Some chalk this flippant ignorance up as a virtue of prevailing humanity. They lie. What is profited by glorifying the ridiculously ungrateful spirit of our people? Nothing. I would not call it the ungrateful spirit of our time. Humans have been equally narrow minded and self-serving since Eden’s rebellion. Today, the twenty-first century is not far worse or much better than the world centuries ago. If anything in this world evolves, it is the twisting way in which iniquity bleeds through the ages. The problems we face in this decade are kindred in spirit to those that opposed our fathers in their time; it is merely the face of the beast that changes. Commodity or enemy, iniquity paints its face to best entice the newest generation. 

If I asked the Greatest Generation if genocide was wrong? They would have opposed it with their whole heart. It was the horror of such outright massacre and the threat of that same terror coming to their own countries that spurred them into the generational scourge of war. 

But, if I asked my own generation if abortion was wrong? They would reply with either short-sighted levity or scorned defense. They prefer generational scourge and outright massacre to moral discipline. 

Humanity seems so captivated by the bliss of instant gratification that it purposefully numbs itself to the fundamental facts of life. If we could remove ourselves from humanity and look at it from the view of a completely unbiased third party, we would see and understand just how blatant our denial is. Instead of learning to contain the beauties of sexual intercourse to the safety of marriage, we would rather be devastated by the naturally sequential result to our actions. Sex was designed for reproduction, and yet we are so blind-sighted when unwanted reproduction occurs. Instead of valuing the sanctity of all life, we massacre our children—our future—on the altar of gluttony and convenience, and we have the gall to call it “the sanctity of choice”. 

America rushed to arms in order to avenge the thousands of lives taken on American soil during the horrific attacks of 9/11, and yet it is numbed to the millions of American citizens traumatized and murdered by the nightmarish machine that is commercialized abortion; traumatized, indeed—for it would be beyond ignorance to believe that the women who run to abortion for help are whole and unscathed after that murderous mill has had its way with them.    

Do I blame my own generation for the entirety or this horror? No, of course, not. As I said before, infanticide is not new to our world. In our heart of hearts, we are all capable of such evil, whether we support abortion or not. Every generation has added a building block to the abominable foundation that corporations like Planned Parenthood have founded their empire on. The era of blame-denial under Freud, the era of animalistic education under Dewey, the era of devalued life under Darwin—these schools of thought robbed us of our dignity, our intellect, and our hope. If we are proven a product of inherited sins, why should we be held responsible for our own actions? If we are only animals in instinct, why should we be trusted to control ourselves in a respectable fashion? If we are but grubby little organism that once crawled out of the slime, why should we respect human life? 

As a people, we have worked remarkably hard to excuse and provide for our own extravagant and horrific lifestyle. Our children—those we have allowed to live—see more value in a grove of trees than in a full nursery. We claim to have created champions of love, yet they deny the fundamental compassion of choice. We, the humans of today, have stripped the next nation of its intrinsic right to live. This is not war where two groups choose to go to fight. This is rape where a vicious predator has its pleasure at the expense of an innocent victim. 

Why would we do this to ourselves? 

What if that child became the next ground-breaking innovator? What if they saved millions of lives from natural disasters? What if they discovered a cure for cancer? What if they were simply allowed to live and lived well? 

We can only pray that we have not doomed ourselves by blindly cherry-picking who composes our future. 

Respect is the solution to such debauchery. We respect God’s image on all men and His holy sanctity on all life. In repentance and in faith, we respect Him. We respect each other and ourselves enough to stop. We respect ourselves enough to take responsibility and think for ourselves. We fight for respect now so that, one day, we might be able to look our grandchildren in the eyes and not feel the terror of shame. We cannot bully or degrade ourselves into a higher society. Only by respectfully restoring the Godly virtues we have lost will we be able to improve. Let us value, practice, and teach responsibility, understanding, and hope. In God, we find those virtues freely given to us along with unconditional love and unending grace. Why not accept Him? Why not become what we have always wanted to be and what we wished we had had as children? 

Would we rather be remembered as the Depraved or Compassionate Generation? 

We are choosing that legacy now. 

We are murdering our legacy now. 


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