A Notion of the Holy

 There are virtues that we all strive towards. In the heart of every person, there is a divine pull towards a greater self, one in possession of virtue. We search for truth, hope, love, faith, and Grace. We look our whole lives for some attainable version of those attributes. We take what others give us, what we find, what we think we deserve. 

We drink tinted virtues like muddied water. We are loved with neglectful obsession, forgiven with half-hearted acceptance, and seen with fractured sight. What would it be if all our actions were as full-bodied as we wish they were? What if all the deep crevices in our hearts were filled with the extremity of virtue? 

How sweet would it be to be loved uncontrollably? How rich to be forgiven entirely and valued so thoroughly? How magnificent to be seen completely as we are? 

For centuries, literature has pursued such utter wholeness--virtuous perfection. Who are Romeo and Juliet if not the finite epitome's of devotion? Who is Hercules if not the paragon of human strength? Time fails to mention the humility of Tiny Tim, the innocence of Alice, or the honor of King Arthur. Yet in all our imaging and all our invention, we only replicate the perfect virtue that we yearn for. 

How can we desire it, how can we replicate it, if complete virtue does not exist? We are led to believe that it does then, in a person greater than man. The Father of man--the Beginner of him--God himself, always in possession of perfect morality. 

One day, blessed day, we will reach our feeble hands through the veil of death to feel His omnipotent grip in return. It is then, that we will experience the true wonder of perfection. How fantastic are those divine couplings--undying love, unquenchable goodness, fathomless mercy, utterly rapturous grace. Our adjectives will collapse completely useless at the discovery of His true nature. What will such words as infinite and perfect hold in comparison to Him--a match to a forest fire, a raindrop to an ocean. 

Holy. We may say only Holy. 

All the negatives, all the broken-pieces and torturous shards of this mundane life, will be left in the shadow His celestial beauty casts behind itself. Take your unending pain, your unimaginable grief, and your invincible despair. Release them in the unutterable depths of God's nature. Let them drown. Allow the feeble natures of this momentary flash of life to be swallowed up in the inevitable wonder of our Almighty God. 


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