Lord of Liminal Spaces

Remind me, God, when I get so caught up in this life just how ethereal it is. With a merciful and light hand, Almighty, please, remind me how unsubstantial the dross will be. Remind me that each and every thread will weave together for my good. When I get caught up in the details, chasten me by the way of Your magnitude. Enlighten my eyes with the gravity of the infinite. When I am paralyzed with fear, whisper reassuringly in my ear Your title as Author and Finisher both. When I grow tense with indecision, wrest the pen from my white-knuckled fingers and teach my hand to trace Your holy profile instead. 

Remind me, God, that this life is the blinking cursor before the story starts. This is my prologue. This is my liminal space. 

God, let me feel You here. Come down in all that You are and reside not only inside of me but on me. Be just as present on my mind as You are in my heart. Release me from my chains and revive my spirit. I am all too weak and despondent. Lift my eyes to see the beauty above me. Make me an eye witness to Your majesty, so full that I might trace it as it pours through this broken world in often overlooked places. Rest on my brow and on my lips. Bless my spirit with the joy that can come only to a soul founded by trust and lighted by hope. 

In search of myself, here, I lose everything, God. The only way to find the fullness of this life is to lose myself in You. And, oh, how great and fathomless a God to lose myself in!
Bolster me, God, for I am listless if not altogether downcast. 

Lead me towards that marvelous eternity, but rest with me here. 

To be merely human, with eyes and heart set aflame by the sight of God All-Glorious; to be merely human, with a spirit sustained and invigorated by the presence of the All-Loving One, the Shepherd of our souls; to be merely human, yet not consumed by the awesome wonder of the mysterious I AM. Oh, my God, what glory awaits me here if You would but arise and come down. 

Bow the heavens; bow me. 

Overwhelm space; overwhelm me. 

Rend the sky, Father; rend me. 

I am famished and have fainted in my wanderings. This passageway between eternities means nothing to me if I cannot see You here, if I cannot dwell with You here. 

Oh God, I can do nothing more than beseech you from my wretched state. Have mercy on me, a sinner. 

For Your own namesake, Redeeming God, have mercy on me. 


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