Heaven's Side of Death

Sometimes I sit alone and ponder over this hole in my heart. I observe everything around me with wide eyes, and at night as I sit alone, I imagine pressing each thing into the hole to see if it fits. But night after night, thing after thing, is eaten up. 

Humanity has that transparency to it. We exist on one side of the glass, knowing that there is something more for us on the other side. We long for it. 

Poets, painters, and authors rhapsodize about it. Kings, dictators, and emperors try to seize it and squeeze it tight inside their gloved fist. But we human’s are incapable of attaining it. We are incapable of even seeing it, fully visualizing what could fill that hole. 

The easiest test is to ask someone to describe heaven. 

Heaven is universal hope for the redeemed. Yet, when we are asked to describe it, we often fall short. What will we do there? What will we see? What will we become? 

And I think the deepest truth about our intrinsically human hole, the bottomless crater in our souls, is the incomprehensible nature of its solution.  

I think understanding the nature of heaven would kill us. I think the naked truth about angels would break us apart. I think the full knowledge of Almighty God would rend us down to our soul and set our spirit afire. 

But, one day, He promised we would know Him as fully as He knows us now. Someday, we will see the solution to our generational problem. The gnawing in our gut will cease and the gaps will all be filled in. Finally, in that God-present infinity, we will become fully acquainted with true contentment. We will be fully realized in all possible perspectives. 

I believe that, on heaven’s side of death, the yearning human ceases to exist. 


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